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Anti Virus software

NEW RELEASE!!!! AK47 Released october 1'st 2007 (this trojan is undetected by virus scanners!!!) Click here to get AK47

Trend co. House Call is the best online free virus scanner i can find!!!

Scan Your PC:
Ease your mind and scan your PC for viruses.
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heres a link to a place for spy ware and backdoor removal.

free online virus scanner

RAV AntiVirus Online Virus Scan.

PC Pitstop Virus Scan

FREE Web-Based Virus Scan!

Free on-line disinfection Now, ridding your computer of viruses is even easier, with Panda ActiveScan, the on-line antivirus: * Because you don't need to install any programs, just connect to the Internet and simply click whenever you want to clean your computer. * Because it scans, disinfects and eliminates viruses from all parts of your system, hard disks, compressed files and all your e-mail. * Because it is updated at least once a day, so each scan will be able to detect the very latest viruses.

McAfee FreeScan

StopSign - Your computer protection service

Is Your PC Infected with Spyware, Adware, Hijackers or Popup Programs? Have Dangerous Spybot Trojans Been Secretly Installed On Your Computer? Find out if your PC is at risk!