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sub7 Support

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You can connect to Subseven Chat using this adress on your mIRC: #SubSeven

Or You can use the Chat!

SubSeven Important Notes:

Before Use & Extraction of SubSeven:
SubSeven is a R.A.T (Remote Administration Tool) or 'Backdoor.' If you wish to use this software, you MUST have your antivirus completely disabled for it to function correctly. If not disabled, you will not be able to extract the program files from the SubSeven zip files in the downloads section. Periodicly files may appear visibly extracted, but they won't function correctly if the antivirus has detected them so be absolute your antivirus is off when extracting and using the software.
To completely disable the antivirus, see its documentation and/or options/preferances settings. As well, check msconfig to disable the antivirus from starting up on system boot. To open msconfig, click start > run and type in the run dialog 'msconfig' (without the ' marks) and click the ok button. When msconfig opens, click the startup tab at the top. See the list of startup items for your antivirus and uncheck the boxes associated with your antivirus. When done, click apply, restart the system, download a fresh copy of SubSeven and try the program again.

Compatibility on WindowsXP:
On WindowsXP you may encounter problems with compatibility of this software and get an error when trying to open the SubSeven client, editserver or server. In some cases it may not report an error and just not function correctly when you try to connect the target machine. This problem is most common with SubSeven v2.2 Beta, though sometimes v2.1.x has been known to behave similar. In event of this, try the following: Right click each executable of SubSeven > properties > compatability and adjust each of the files to Windows98 compatibility mode. Apply settings when done, click ok and retry the software.

General Errors:
There are a couple common errors you may encounter while trying to use SubSeven.v2.2 which are usually the result of not having required library files for the program's operation. You can obtain the required files from the needed files link in the downloads section..

Problems With Server After Configuration:
Sometimes you may encounter problems with the server not operating correctly after you have configured it with the editserver (editserver.exe). If this happens, start with a fresh copy of the server (server.exe) and configure it step by step, saving the configuration after each step. Testing the server each time after a modification to be sure it works. Doing so will help trace where the error is coming from.

If you need more information on any of the following beyond what is given here, research it with

Firewalls, Routers & LANs (Local Area Networks):

IDS (Intrusion Detection Systems)
When using the server (server.exe) on a target computer, you must be sure there is no interfering IDS active such as a firewall (and as above, an antivirus) or the SubSeven server (server.exe) and client (subseven.exe) will not be able to establish a connection. In order to allow connection through the IDS you will have to configure the IDS to allow the connection between the client & server or use a program bound to the server (server.exe) to disable the IDS of the target. This type of activity is called process killing.

SubSeven can not connect to it's server if the server is behind a router. Attempt to connect will simply fail due to how a router operates. Same rule applies to the SubSeven client. See your router's documentation or google for information on how to allow this type of connection.

Same thing applies here as with a router. If the server is on a LAN, connection to it with the SubSeven client will not establish.

*Note: if you do not know the IP ranges for routers or LANs, search google for 'IP classes' (minus the ' marks). the first page displayed should be sufficient to provide you with an understanding of IP Class types.

Notification Problems:<

The ICQ notification doesn't work anymore with SubSeven as ICQ has changed since SubSeven's development. If you wish to still use an ICQ notification method, you will have to find and bind an ICQ pager to your server or create an ICQ notifier of your own using the latest ICQ notification string which can be obtained from the website. Where is it on the site? don't ask just go look. Once you find the string you can edit ICQ's icqpager.vbs and you will then be able to use ICQ notify with SubSeven.

You may encounter some problems on IRC notify with SubSeven. A fair amount of servers now have auto-ban on targets infected with RATs such as SubSeven. If you're having troubles getting notify through IRC, just search IRC till you find a server that will work for you.

As with ICQ and IRC notification, you may encounter problems with e-mail notification. If your SMTP server is not working to send you notification, try searching for some other SMTP accont providers. You can also use an alternative method by having the the notify bounce off your firewall. Simply set up a Dynamic DNS (see google for more information on setting up a free Dyn. DNS) that points to your IP. After doing so, configure your server to use your Dyn. DNS as your SMTP server and save the settings. When a target has executed the server, you will then see the attempted connection from your Dyn DNS to your firewall and thus have notification when a target is active. Problems Changing Icons:

Some may encounter problems with changing the icon of the server (server.exe) of SubSeven. If you encounter this problem and are not able to fix it, download an icon changer so you can change its icon manually. (Note: other software are not supported here nor in the IRC support channel).